Stage 5 / 6 Loadshedding
07 Desember 2022
Load-shedding is upon us and it looks like it’s here to stay for some time.

If your ADSL, Fixed-LTE, Fibre or Wireless connection is connected to a router and the power goes out, your Internet is gone.

When load-shedding strikes, thousands of clients lose their connections.

When power is restored, your router needs to establish a connection with the network or nearest tower in order to get Internet access again.

It can take a while for towers and exchanges that went down to power back up. If a large area is affected, then everyone will be trying to connect at the same time and will need to wait their turn in the “queue”.

*We do not advise our clients to reboot (Switch the power on and off)  their router after their load shedding cycle has ended*

Once your power has been restored, you may need to allow a few minutes to get back online.

Our batteries generally have a capacity of six to 12 hours, depending on the site category, and require 12 to 18 hours to recharge. The constant outages are starting to have a direct impact on the performance of the batteries. If outages continue, the battery’s integrity is compromised because of insufficient time to recharge and due to the excessive drain on the battery.

Once power is fully depleted, the tower stops working entirely. Depending on the configuration of nearby towers, this may cause customers to experience an intermittent service or an area to black out entirely.

We are trying to keep all our towers up and running and monitor our network with the schedule 6 loadshedding,